Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

When I forward my resume to Franchise Search, Inc., what is the procedure on your end?
Your resume is processed within 48 hours of receipt. If there is a current assignment we are recruiting for that we determine meets the criteria of your background, you will be contacted immediately via email or phone for additional information. If not, your resume and cover information is coded and entered into our database for additional searches which we receive on a regular basis. Whenever a new search assignment is received, we immediately review our database and will certainly contact you when there is an appropriate match. TIP: It is important you include your compensation information and relocation preferences and ensure key information is included in your resume which will be of value to us. For instance, if you have sold master, area franchises, etc., include those words (i.e., Sold “X” number of franchises, etc., have managed a staff, sold conversion franchises, etc.) This will assist us (and therefore you!) when we perform key word searches. TIP: If your background is in sales, we want to see your sales numbers included in your resume.
Is my search confidential?
Absolutely! The majority of candidates we work with are employed, so confidentiality is imperative.
Why didn’t I hear back from you when I tried to follow up on my resume?
Great question! Unfortunately, based on the volume of resumes we receive, it is impossible to speak with everyone who follows up. That is why it is so important that you submit as much of your key information as possible. This will, of course, help us determine when we should contact you. TIP: Information you send in via email (including Word and PDF attachments) is immediately integrated into your record in our database.
I have not heard from you in a while and I have a very strong background … what’s up?
All that means is that we have not identified the proper search to meet the goals that you have identified.
I see a job posting that I feel I am qualified for – why wasn’t I contacted?
If you were not contacted, it was because you did not meet all of the client’s job specifications. Clients have specific criteria they ask us to identify. We are working with an in-depth list of requirements.
How frequently should I send my resume?
You should provide us with a current resume on an annual basis, unless of course something changes (you leave a company, you join a company), in which case you should provide us with an updated copy as soon as it is available.
Is my information confidential?
Absolutely! We understand that some people look to make career moves while they are employed. We would only send your resume to a client after we speak with you regarding a specific opportunity and we obtain your permission to present you as a candidate.


We recognize our system is not perfect, however our objective is to make sure that your resume is current and accurate in our system so we can contact you confidentially when we have identified a potential opportunity.